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Using and Getting the Most from a Headshot

Do you do headshots? He asked me.
“yes I do, why do you ask”? I replied

Well, I had my headshot done a wee while ago and seriously it’s the best investment I’ve ever made
I used it on my CV and on LinkedIn and some other places and it got me jobs.
In fact t I used it to get the job that I’m in right now”

Those are the words that someone said to me after telling them that I was a photographer.
I thought they hit the nail on the head so neatly that I thought I’d quote him.

He was right about one thing.
The purpose of a professional headshot is ultimately to get you hired.
Or at least it’s there to present you in the best light and give the opportunity and put you in the position to get hired.
Like an actor, the headshot is there to get you the audition. Nail that and you’ve got the part. But you’ll never get the part without the audition.

It’s there to allow you to build familiarity and trust.
To be a visual hook that catches attention. Especially on social platforms.
To portray you in the correct and appropriate manner for the audience that you are trying to reach.

Do you ever see inappropriate profile photos on Linkedin?
Would you be likely to trust them more or less?
Would you hire them or give them your business?

And on the flip side, is it you that’s the one breaking the rules?

In my approach to headshots I will consult about clothing choices, different looks to go for and location choices.
Using outdoor locations and daylight would be my preference and summertime is the best time of year.
Long hours of daylight. Even if it’s sometimes grey

“But wait a minute there Andrew, i hate having my photos taken”.
Ok, no problem. That’s a common complaint and I will make you feel at ease and will teach you how to pose.

I will shoot process and deliver images to you and make it as drag and drop easy as possible.
Sized for print and web use.

If you want to know more drop your email in the box below and I’ll send you my little guide to headshots and posing.



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