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Professional Portraits

Professional Portraits

Corporate Headshots, Business Head shots, Branding Headshots or Personal Branding images, whatever term you wish to use they describe the same thing and they have the same purpose.

They are Photographs that are made to represent you properly.
As a statement of intent and a marker of things to come.

Your photo is often the first point of contact that someone will have with you online.
It is a vehicle to portray your values, tell your story and could even show your personality and style.

Professional Portraits don’t have to be limited to business use or models or actors.
They could be used for dating profiles, or for someone looking for a new job and hoping to make a good first impression.
(Which arguably is two sides of the same coin as both are about building relationships and trust).


Do you own an image that represents you properly?

Go back and look at your social profiles, visit your website & look at your promotional materials.
Put yourself in the shoes of a stranger and try to imagine what messages they are receiving as they look at your photographs.
Do they represent you in the best light, are they up to date and ask yourself honestly how do you think that stranger would look on you?
Would you benefit from a new professional portrait headshot image?

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