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Portrait Photography

May I ask you a question?
When was the last time that you had proper portrait photographs taken?

Recently, a year ago, five years ago, never?

In that time a lot of things have happened, right?
You’ve gained people and lost people. Travelled, partied, cried and lived?
Those moments will never come again yet what are the things you look back on?
That’s right, the photographs.
Oh wait, you don’t have any!

Portrait Photography Collage

Portrait Photography is a service that I’d like to offer to you.
To create fun and unique pieces of artwork that show your life, your family and your story.
And I use the word “service” very deliberately.

Portrait Photography is about capturing something more than just a likeness, it’s about making a connection and showing who we are and not just what we look like.

It is our job to make you look great in photographs.

I want to build a world class photography service and so I’m not going to compete on price with others.
Instead I’ll compete on service.
There will be no high pressure or aggressive sales tactics.
I’m not interested in squeezing every penny.
I want you to love my work, send your friends in my direction and be able to make more photographs with you again in future.

Consider that my guarantee.

Photographs should be shown, so I’ve sourced some fantastic suppliers to offer beautiful products, mounted prints, portfolio boxes and wall art. Modern papers and materials are so much cooler than before and sticking files on a usb isn’t serving you as a client.
No one has ever cried over photographs on a disk (apart from when it says “drive needs formatted”).

I’m based in Glasgow City Centre and have a few favourite locations nearby. Session can take place in the studio or on location. Before that I like to meet and explain the whole process, find out your needs, hear your stories and give my advice is as best a fashion as possible. A no obligation consultation if you will.

So I will ask again, do you own remarkable portrait photographs of yourself or your family?
Give me a shout and let’s chat.
0776 579 1483

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