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East End Connections

What do you think of Business Photographs?
How do they make you feel?

Personally I find them boooooring in general.
But why do they have to be like that, why can’t we do cooler things and make more fun and vibrant images?
If people buy from people then why not show it in images?

East End Connections

Recently I went to an event here in Glasgow called East End Connections.
It was one of those things that I stumbled over in Eventbrite while booking a ticket for something else.
My first visit I really enjoyed and I met a lot of completely new people.
It was a chance to meet new people and just generally hang out and listen to their stories.

Everyone I spoke to that week had a really interesting story or did some very unusual things.
(Or usual ordinary things in a very unusual fashion).

Afterwards, Fiona¬† who organizes the event event asked me if I’d be up for doing some photos at the next one.

So I said No.

Nah just messing with you.
Of course I agreed.

After the week of my first visit it gave me the idea that I should probably be documenting this and if possible I should turn it into a project.
Making some photographs at the next one would be a perfect opportunity to prototype this.
So, I did.

I didn’t want to show up and shoot lots of folk in a room with their backs to me.
I’m a Portrait Photographer – Ive always been a Portrait Photographer.
Even when I was doing other work, I always wanted to make A definitive image that explained or shared something and told the story.
Portraits are all about telling the story.

(btw I don’t believe there is such a thing as THE definitive image of anything – there are two sides to every story afterall)

This is an event about meeting people and hearing those stories, so that’s exactly what I made.

Scott Cuthbertson - Scotland's Magician.

Scott Cuthbertson – Scotland’s Magician.

Colin McKeand - Scotland's Mr Networking

Colin McKeand – Scotland’s Mr Networking

Thomas Quinn - Start Digital

Thomas Quinn – Start Digital

Glasgow Care Foundation

Glasgow Care Foundation

Frances Park - Changes.Scot

Frances Park – Changes.Scot

Nana Hughes-Lartey - Spectre Creative

Nana Hughes-Lartey – Spectre Creative

Fiona Colbron-Brown - Vespa PA

Fiona Colbron-Brown – Vespa PA

East End Connections

East End Connections

And I thought, “what if I use the visual language of club or party photos on a business event, will it work?”

And does it, What do you think?

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