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Building a Marketing Photography archive

Would you like people to find your business, for you to be top of mind, bring in more customers and ultimately make more money?
Of course you would.


Wouldn’t we all.

Do you have the tools to make that happen?

I believe that every business would benefit greatly from building their own bespoke library of images.

Imagine a resource of images that tell your story, show your values and educate your customers about your services?

Photographs that show what sets you apart from your competition.
Images that show your customers and show the difference your services made to them.
Some images to document and some images to inspire.

You can’t do that using stock photos.
Those are images that you don’t control, that are generic, that are being used by every other competitor and that you may not have full permission to use for your purposes.

I’ll show you an example of some work that I did for my client Motorpoint.
Over a couple of years I made a portfolio of marketing photography images for them.
These included:
Team photos

An event where they gave a car away

Charity partner events

Images showing their sporting sponsorships.

Motorpoint Marketing Photographs

Motorpoint Marketing Photographs

Those images were for use on their website, social media accounts, in local press and one is printed and hanging on their wall.
They are a car supermarket but notice the lack of cars in my images.

It’s mostly and more importantly about the people.
If you think this is just turn up and take photographs then you’re very wide of the mark.
You need a plan.
You need to set goals, measure how well images, posts and content perform then tweak where necessary.
You use marketing photography on Social accounts, on your website, blog, flyers, printed catalogues, email newsletters, online adverts.
Then you join everything together.
Social visits should result in you getting an email address.
Website visits should result in Facebook retargeting etc

It’s a continual drip drip drip of content.

If you’ve read the other pages on my website you may notice that they all feed into the same thing.
Headshot Photography and team or staff photos are part of a bigger Marketing Photography image library.
Same goes for Event Photography.

This is about telling your story and communicating your message over a longer space of time and doing so in a genuine and authentic way..
It’s about having a plan and investing in it.

I’ve learned how to do this oby putting in the work over more than a decade.
Of trying things out, testing to see what worked and what didn’t and importantly why it worked or not then tweaking things.
And from working along with some great and talented others.
Will I be more expensive to work with than other photographers?
Will I make you more money in the end?
Almost certainly.
Would you like to know more?

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